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Education Committee

Presents workshops, forums, seminars, institutes and any other appropriate source for communicating with members and the community-at-large on relevant social issues.

Committee Chairperson:

Olufemi Shepsu


Scholarship Committee

Develops guidelines for awarding financial aid and make recommendations at the May meeting.  Scholarship and Book Award Recipients shall be invited to attend the annual meeting and receive their awards.

Committee Chairpersons:

Kathryn Bentley and Latika Lee


Committee Chairperson:

Edward Richards

Social Action Committee

Prepares a Social Action Agenda in concert with the positions of the NASBW.  Presents the Chapter's position on issues of concern, to the appropriate political venue.  Developes liaisons with other groups interested in alleviating social problems in the Black Community.

Committee Chairperson:

Renata Hedrington-Jones


Fundraising Committee

Plans and executes fund-raising projects for the Chapter.

Committee Chairperson:

Jackie Cowan


Committee Chairperson:

Khadijah Washington

Membership Committee

Develops recruitment materials. Prepares and distribute a quarterly newsletter and develop other materials to publicize the Chapter. Encourages members to participate as presenters at national and local conventions and conferences.

Committee Chairperson:

Tina Bowman Peterson


Benevolence Committee

Committee Chairperson:

Yaa Shepsu


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