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Code of Ethics

As a Black Social Worker, I commit myself to the interests of my Black brethren and 

subscribe to the following statements:

  • I regard as my primary obligation the  welfare of the Black individual, Black  family,  and Black community and will  engage in action for improving social  conditions. 

  • I give precedence to this mission over my  personal interest.

  • I adopt the concept of a Black extended family and embrace all Black people as my brothers and sisters, making no distinction between their destiny and my own.

  • I hold myself responsible for the quality and extent of service I perform and the quality and extent of service performed by the agency or organization in which I am employed,as it relates to the Black community.

  • I accept the responsibility to protect the Black community against unethical and hypocritical practice by any individual or organizations engaged in social welfare  activities.

  • I stand ready to supplement my paid or professional advocacy with voluntary service in the Black public interest.

  • I will consciously use my skills, and my whole being as an instrument for social change, with particular attention directed to the establishment of Black social institutions.

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